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· Finds Wireless Hotspots better than the built-in “Wireless Card” tab in Microsoft “Zero Configuration Networking”. · Provides all the details you need to effectively isolate existing WiFi Networking troubles. · Allows the user to determine whether or not RSSI is presented in native dBm or a Percentile format. · Integrates with Cirond’s Flagship product WinC AirPatrol, allowing the user to apply “provisioning” files generated by an AirPatrol (enterprise) server. · Updates to the program code are frequent and generally resolve many issues with each update. Most recently was a fix for hx4700 not showing proper RSSI values (usually 0%). . Supports the following security: 802.11x, Open, and 64 & 128 WEP


· Does not support WPA or WPA-PSK security at this time.


Author Company: Cirond. Current Version: Version 2 (Build 986).

Company Website: Cirond (http://www.cirond.com)

URL for Product: PocketWinc (http://www.cirond.com/pocketwinc.php)



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5 out of 5.

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