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In October of 2000 I ran into my local electronics store and stumbled on the iPAQ 3650. This device delivered it all! I could not believe what you received in this package. The iPaq 3650 sports a 206 MHz Intel StrongARM Processor, 32 MB of RAM, 16 MB of ROM, and a 12-bit (4096 colors) Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) Display. The iPAQ also had advanced multimedia capabilities in the form of MP3/WMA playback, voice recording and offline web browsing/email. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I became an iPAQ FREAK in days. Frantically I searched the internet looking for iPAQ news, information anything I get my hands on. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one web page that featured iPAQ’s. I couldn’t figure out why someone wouldn’t want to create an ALL-IN-ONE site for the iPAQ. So being the artsy person I am I started to design a layout for my newest venture a website. Weeks went by and I finished the layout and couldn’t figure out a name for the site. During dinner I was speaking with my wife and asked her, “What would you call it?” She said, “why don’t you just call it Dave’s Compaq iPAQ?” Here I was trying to find some fancy website name and my wife comes up with Daves Compaq iPAQ. It was a go! The first month live I couldn’t believe my eyes 10,000 visitors! I was amazed, 10,000 visitors without ANY advertising? I knew I was onto something since 10,000 visitors is no drop in the bucket!

Over the next year my site grew gradually and I was continually adding features. By October 2001 my site reached 1,000,000 visitors within 1 year! We were named to PocketPC’s Magazine “Best Sites” an award I was extremely proud of. PocketPC Magazine was a source in which many PocketPC readers went to and to be awarded this was the ultimate award in its time for a PocketPC Evangelist. As I was recognized by PocketPC Magazine I was also approached in the possibility of having my site converted over to the PocketPC Magazine website. Hal Goldstein if you ever meet him is probably one of the nicest people in the PocketPC world you could meet. At the time both parties weren’t just ready for that. In July 2001, I was approached to write for the publication in which I was glad to accept.

On June 2002 I announced a partnership with Handango which enabled our community the option to shop for software and support the site. At the time Laura Rippy former CEO of Handango commented “Dave’s site caters to the Pocket PC fans,” said Laura Rippy, CEO of Handango. “Customers who visit Daves site for news, accessories, chat, and hardware bargains, can now shop for the best Pocket PC applications. We’re pleased to add Dave’s iPAQ to Handango’s set of one hundred channels for handheld and wireless software”.

On November 2002, I announced a partnership with Mobile Planet which was the first Mobile Planet branded store. By this partnership I was able to offer all of you the on stop shop experience in return the community would be supporting the site without getting bombarded with tons of pop up banners

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