Dave’s Ipaq – HP Bluetooth Headphones @ Dave’s iPAQ

Loading the software was easier than expected. The user guide was clear and concise in directions. I soft reset my device, establish a connection with my iPAQ to my desktop computer via ActiveSync, installed the software (it took seconds) and reset my device again.

Pairing the two devices was even easier. I turned on the Bluetooth function on my iPAQ, pressed the Multi Function button in the center of the right earpiece for about ten seconds until the light flashed red and blue. On my iPAQ, I selected New, then High Quality Audio Setup from the Bluetooth connection types. An icon of a man wearing a headset appeared as it discovered the iPAQ headphones for the first time; it then prompted me for a Passkey. Entering 0000, the shortcut was created and I was listening to my MP3s in seconds.

The entire process…maybe 4 minutes and that was because I was double checking myself so I could write the steps I took for this review. It was incredibly easy, very quick and brought me to listening to my music instantaneously. It was a very impressive setup!

From that point on, using the headphones is simple. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPAQ, turn on the headphones by pressing the multi-function button, click on the headphone icon, and voila…your ready to go!

To turn the Bluetooth Headphones on, push and hold the Multi Function button for two seconds until the blue light flashes or if you’re wearing the phones, you will hear a unique sound indicating that the phones are on. To turn the Bluetooth Headphones off, press and hold the Multi Function button for two seconds, until the light flashes red and goes off or if you are still wearing the headphones, there is a similar but different sound indicating the phones are turned off. Very cool!

As you are listening to your music, you have the ability to pause the audio by pressing the Multi Function button and then you can resume play by pressing the Multi Function button again. Of course, you can track forward by pressing the Forward button, marked > or track backward by pressing the Back button marked

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