Dave’s Ipaq – irock! 440FM — Do you? @ Dave’s iPAQ

All of us have accumulated a myriad of favorite songs that we play on our iPAQs. Each of us have our own story as to how our collections began, but I would imagine for many of you it might well be similar to my experience of finding one song that you liked so much that you bought the album. As the technology allowed us to download a song onto our iPAQs, we began to develop a collection of favorite songs that we listened to.

It was cool but more often than not, in those early days, I would listen to a few but eventually would go back to playing those songs on my CD player because the sound quality was so much better listening to them through my home or car stereo system. Sure, all of us tried listening to them wearing an earphone while driving…not really a great idea though!

Ah, then we had the ability to create our own CDs of favorite songs and we all tried that too. How many CDs did you make? I’m embarrassed to say how many I made…redid…and made again. My tastes continually adapted to what was out there and so I was continually making new CDs — that process soon went away — too many CDs labeled “favorite songs” — and too much time taken to create them.

Eventually I made a collection of songs that I kept on an SD card and made my playlist according to what my tastes were for the day. I would listen while I was using my iPAQ but as soon as I was in my car, it was back to my CD player. It was good — always listening to great music but I was always missing the sounds of that great collection I had developed as I drove my car.

When I started to use my Bluetooth headphones, I realized that I really had a superb collection of songs and I was missing out on them as I was driving so the search began — how was I going to continue to listen to all that great music while driving my car?

Back in November, I posted a news item on what I thought was a pretty cool accessory to have but little did I realize just how cool it really was. I decided to see just how good it really was because the possibility of listening to my music that was stored on my iPAQ was very intriguing.

Initially I was only interested in listening to my music in my car so I decided to try the irock! Beamit 440FM . This was a device that broadcasts music from your iPAQ to your car’s FM radio. It appeared to be an ideal solution because it had 12 channel digital tuning, full stereo sound, and a backlit LCD display. The 440FM has an integrated 12VDC auto adapter that powers the device.