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I was surprised to see the type of AC power cord that came with the BTVKB. The plug end of the cord was a European designed plug, which meant that I needed to get an adapter to be able to use it. Fortunately, I had one so I didn’t need to drive to Radio Shack so I could charge the BTVKB. I did call to ask why that was the type of plug that they used. In essence, this device was being marketed worldwide and with the variety of plugs that are in use; the decision was made to use this one. It really is not a big deal to me; the BTVKB is too cool to worry about how it plugs into the AC outlet!

The leather case is worth mentioning because it is just something I would never have expected. Vinyl – yes, leather – NO, but it is leather, nicely made with a soft cloth interior to protect the BTVKB. A magnetic clip was used to firmly keep the cover closed.

Holding the Virtual Keyboard in my hand, I slowly rotated and investigated this very unique device. Its color was a rich metallic speckled dark gray color (almost a perfect match with my 4700) with a shiny black plastic window located in the front to allow the infrared transmissions to pass through. Above the black plastic was a red plastic window where the projection module, using a red diode laser, emits the keyboard template. The holographic optical element used to display the keyboard template on your desktop produces an image that is absolutely perfect.

The left side had a “rubber plug” at the bottom, covering the AC adapter hole and the power button was at the top. The power button, silver in color, neatly wraps up and over the top where there is a ventilation hole and an LED used for indicating power and connectivity. The design has a nice touch giving a look and feeling of a solid, rich, classy unit.

The right side has another “rubber plug” that covers a reset hole at bottom of the unit. As you look at the rear of the BTVKB, the battery cover is firmly attached. There is a tiny hole at the top used to release the cover if the rechargeable battery ever needed to be replaced. At the bottom of the battery cover, there are additional ventilation holes, which coupled with the ventilation at the top; you get a smooth and constant flow of air through the device.

Looking at the bottom of the BTVKB, you see a tiny “push button” that when the BTVKB is standing upright, switches the device in the ready mode. This button needs to be depressed in order to turn the unit on with the power button. I like this feature because it will not allow the unit to be on (and drain the battery) unless it is depressed.

The size of the BTVKB is slightly thicker and about 1.5 cm longer than a 15-stick package of Extra gum. It is a truly portable unit that easily could be carried in your shirt pocket, pocketbook, or those new cell phone pockets they are adding to jackets. It is a perfect size for portability!

The Quick Start Guide was just that, a simplified set of directions designed to get the user comfortable with the device and how to set it up. There was a note at the bottom of the page that referenced looking at the User Guide provided on the CD. I am glad I did that because it made the installation much easier to understand.

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