Dave’s Ipaq – iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard — A Real Taste of Virtual Reality!! @ Dave’s iPAQ

It was getting late so I decided to call it a night. I closed Word and went to the VKB program. By unchecking the box that enabled the VKB, it shut off the device immediately. I mean, CLICK—it’s off! I was impressed! (Little things do that you know).

The next morning, I turned on my iPAQ and the BTVKB and immediately a request for authorization appeared. I enabled the VKB and made sure the program was running in the background. Starting Pocket Word, I began a new document and entered text for 15 minutes. A two-page document with a variety of paragraphs using words that had letters from each row of the keyboard — I had 5 errors. I was amazed at my accuracy (especially because I am not a typist) and the ease of typing I had. This device really works — and it works very well!

How well would this work outside of my comfortable home office environment?

— I was about to find out!

I was hungry and wanted a nice breakfast, so I packed up my iPAQ and BTVKB and was off to my local diner for a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs and homefries. I chose a booth near a window because I wanted to see what it was like in a situation where there was a little more daylight. As I waited for the waitress, I took out my iPAQ and BTVKB and began to use this new device. Because of the extra light coming in the window, I was doubtful that it would work. However, the high intensity setting produced sufficient projection where I was able to see and use the keyboard with ease. Actually, it was absolutely incredible in its flawless operation.

As I was typing, several people started to notice what I was doing, and soon there was a crowd of folks around me looking at this amazing piece of technology. I caused quite a stir in the diner! (As folks began to gather around the booth I was in, I was tempted to say: “Please don’t bother me, I am communicating with my Starship which is hovering above us”.)

I am very impressed with the operation of the Virtual Keyboard. It has worked at home where I could control the lighting situation and it has worked outside my office in places where I have no control of light. Clearly, if I was outside in direct sunlight, it would be near impossible, but I bet if I was under a tree in the shade, it would work. No I didn’t test that — I have 38 inches of snow in my backyard. It is too cold to try that but I will this spring!

I have done all this testing and I still have not taken a moment to check out the VKB software program. It was time to see what they had done to enhance the ability to use the BTVKB. Frankly, it has been so perfect, I haven’t needed to see what kind of adjustments I needed to make.