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The 5555 JAVOClearCase

The design for the 5555 is like an expansion pack case. The iPAQ slips neatly into the case locking itself in at the bottom where an expansion pack would plug into your iPAQ. The sides of the case have neat raised serrations providing you with a secure grip as you hold your device. It definitely gives you a real sense of added security.

A flip cover is attached using a double hinge that works quite well. As I used it, I found that the hinge was really quite unique. I have never been a fan of flip covers because I always felt that they were in the way.

This flip cover can actually have several positions for you to utilize. Not only does the cover flip up and over your hand as you use it but it can be placed so that it lies against the back of your device or adjusted to allow a slight angle while resting on a flat surface. I found that the angled feature to be terrific. It certainly made using my device easier than when it is literally flat on a desktop. You can fold it back to almost rest flat on the back but it is a little uncomfortable holding it in your hand.

The flip cover designed for the 5555 has a locking mechanism providing secure closure. It took me a few minutes to figure out how the flip cover locked but eventually I realized that there were two plastic “nubs” on either side of the cover that locked into matching holes in the base section of the case. A nice design and because of the material used, it should prove to last for quite a while.

The design of the case allows for easy access to your stylus, sync port, SD card and the record button as well as the ability to sync and reset your device along with easy access to the microphone jack while still in the case. In addition, there are neat “slits” cut from the plastic cover allowing almost perfect sound coming from your speaker.

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