Dave’s Ipaq – JAVOLeather Case — Simple, Functional, Good Looking! @ Dave’s iPAQ

As I had said before, picking a case for your iPAQ is a personal decision. I have always liked leather cases and pretty much have always picked the kind that flip sideways, have room for my license, a few credit cards and an extra SD memory card. Every once in a while, the side-flip just doesn’t work because of a particular situation so I thought I’d try a top flip design.

I was so happy with my JAVOSkin case; I thought I’d try their top flip leather case so I would have the option if I needed it. Because I use my iPAQ constantly in a variety of different situations, I wanted a case that would still have the basic features I need (to hold my license, a few credit cards and an extra SD memory card…to almost be able to serve as a wallet).

The JAVOLeather Case is a basic functional leather case that your iPAQ can safely slip into. There is a light padding on the front and back covers and the flip piece that holds the two covers together is perforated with holes…design I guess. The leather is sewn with a white thread, neatly done so it looks professional and yet it does have a casual appearance to it.

The tab closure is magnetic and it is surprising how strong it is; certainly strong enough for the more than average user. It should be able to take some reasonably heavy abuse before it would open.

Opening the case, there is space provided for two SD cards and three credit cards. Surprisingly, where you would expect to be able to side a few dollars or a piece of paper is sewn closed…I was disappointed in that.

The portion that you would slide your iPAQ into is (or appears to be) a metal (or plastic) wire encased in leather with three leather pieces connecting the enclosed wire to the case (left, right and bottom of the case. It is a very neat design that is sturdy and safe for your iPAQ. The inside back of the case is suede giving a little extra class and smoothness for protection.

This is a very basic leather flip case that will serve well in protecting my iPAQ. Unlike the JAVOSkin, this case does NOT have a belt clip. I think that option would give this case a ton of possibilities.


Basic style Excellent Craftsmanship Secure holding for your device No belt clip No room for money or papers $34.95

To find out more about the JAVOLeather case, you can visit JAVOedge here.

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