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If you are an avid listener you music on your iPAQ, you may have noticed that your headphone cord is often a little long and gets in your way when you are trying to do things. JavoEdge figured you wouldn’t want to have to deal with cords being to long and developed the JavoeBuds, featuring a retractable cable. When retracted, the headphones cables are neatly stored away making the full package only a couple inches long. When extended, the headphone cable reaches 47 inches. While JavoEdge has been innovative in their efforts to design a useful product, the question becomes, is it a good purchase?

Instead of coming with a case like most ear buds on the market, the JavoEdge ear buds have the case built right in. They use a self winding mechanism, allowing for the cable to be extended or retracted to seven different lengths. The product is easy to use, just pull on the ear buds and the headphone jack simultaneously until the desired length is reached. Then let lose until the mechanism catches and holds the length. When you are done and want to retract the headphones, pull slightly on each end and then let loose, letting the headphones retract. With the eBuds you don’t have to worry about tangled cords.

Overall, the JavoEdge eBuds are a solid product. While they might be a couple dollars extra over other ear buds, having the retractable cable is very much a plus for portability and easy of use. Personally I would have like to have seen a little more competitive specifications compared to similar products, but aside from that, they are good. This weekend, instead of packing my generic ear buds like I normally do, the JavoEdge eBuds went in my bag with my iPAQ.

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