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MapuSoft Technologies, L.L.C. announced the release of product version 3.3. This initial release includes OS Changer(R) and OS Abstractor(R) support for the Microsoft Windows CE(R) operating system. OS Changer for Windows CE allows embedded applications to be easily ported from pSOS, VxWorks and Nucleus to a Windows CE-based device. OS Abstractor for Windows CE will allow MapuSoft customer’s OS Abstractor applications to run on a Windows CE platform.

“We are pleased with the release of MapuSoft’s OS Changer and Abstractor support for Windows CE,” said Mike Hall, technical product manager for the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “The benefits and features of MapuSoft’s offerings are in line with the Windows CE operating system’s goal to provide a familiar and flexible software platform that saves deployment and development time and costs for customers.”

“The addition of Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system was an important feature for MapuSoft and our customers,” said Raj Johnson, president and CEO of MapuSoft Technologies. “OS Changer protects your existing software investment when switching to Windows CE operating system. OS Abstractor offers flexibility to develop code on a Windows host and use the same code on a Windows CE target.”

OS Abstractor APIs allow you to effectively develop code independent of the underlying OS to protect your software investment and easily expand support to multiple operating system. OS Changer protects your existing software investment and knowledge base. A free evaluation of OS Changer and OS Abstractor solutions for the Windows CE operating system can be downloaded at http://www.mapusoft.com/evals.htm.

About MapuSoft Technologies, L.L.C.

MapuSoft Technologies is the leading provider of embedded software solutions and services designed to protect software investment by increasing the customers’ level of software re-use in product development. We are working hard to provide software that is practical, familiar, and economical. We provide full source code with no royalty fees.

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