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Atmel and u-blox AG announced today the availability of a new GPS weak signal tracking technology, called SuperSense, supporting Atmel’s ANTARIS GPS chipsets and GPS modules from u-blox.

With this new GPS software, accurate GPS navigation becomes possible in building interiors, deep urban canyons, covered roads and other locations where GPS reception has previously been impossible. Previously such areas prevented effective GPS navigation due to systems’ inability to effectively receive faint GPS tracking signals.

SuperSense targets mass-market, automotive and handheld, FCC E-911 Phase II-compliant GPS product applications. Of particular benefit is the high sensitive dynamic navigation performance of existing and future ANTARIS-based chipsets from Atmel and modules from u-blox. Because of ANTARIS SuperSense- based products’ sensitivity, antennas can be moved to a vehicle’s interior, allowing products with integrated antennas mounted in glove compartments and under seats, thus reducing automotive GPS installation costs when compared with systems requiring a separate, external antenna.

The ANTARIS GPS engine, jointly developed by Atmel and u-blox, is also ideal for indoor GPS reception. The 16-channel ANTARIS features 8,192 simultaneously operating time/frequency search windows. This substantially improves acquisition sensitivity for stand-alone and A-GPS operation, enabling satellite search and position calculation in previously GPS-dead areas. SuperSense combines superior tracking sensitivity beyond -158 dBm, low power consumption and high navigation performance. It is available as beta release when purchasing the SuperSense Evalkit or the TIM-LH GPS module. It will support the complete ANTARIS GPS portfolio from Atmel as well as TIM-LH modules from u-blox.

The Atmel ANTARIS chipset (ATR0600, ATR0610, ATR0620) uses external Flash memory to control u-blox’s SuperSense. The complete GPS electronics module provides exceptional tracking of weak signals and can be integrated into a single platform applicable to multiple products thus eliminating redesign of critical RF electronics.

“The arrival of SuperSense adds a new dimension of competitiveness to our ANTARIS GPS solutions,” said Uwe Barthelmes, Atmel’s marketing director for communications products. “It’s another example of the excellent cooperation between Atmel and u-blox.”

“Since its introduction last year, SuperSense continues providing superior GPS sensitivity to our customers’ products,” adds u-blox CEO Thomas Seiler. “We are pleased to deliver leading GPS positioning technology to the market. We are glad that we partner so successfully with Atmel.”

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