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ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc. and privately-held National Cellular (NCI) will jointly introduce the first RF Coupler / Antenna solution for wireless PDAs and wireless PC cards. The target markets for this new product include users of products such as the RIM BlackBerry, Danger SideKick and Hiptop, HP iPAQ as well as Nokia, Samsung, LG and other web-enabled smart-phones or cell-phones, particularly those that do not have external antenna ports. The product also supports Cellular and Wi-Fi(R) wireless PC Cards.

The product, called the Freedom AntennaPlus(TM), will be launched at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, which begins January 6, 2005. Using the RF Coupler, the antenna can be used with any wireless device or PC Card to provide improved wireless performance in both fixed wireless (home, office, hotel) as well as mobile wireless (vehicular) applications.

The Freedom AntennaPlus(TM), which is manufactured at ARC’s production facility in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, is a pairing of ARC Wireless’ patented Freedom Antenna(R) and NCI’s RF Coupler. The Freedom Antenna Plus(TM) enhances the signal and allows it to pass through or “couple” with the wireless device’s internal antenna. The 800 MHz to 3 GHz Freedom Antenna Plus (TM) supports Analog, 2G, and 3G cellular protocols as well as Wi-Fi(R), wireless LAN, Bluetooth(R), 802.11b, 802.11g, and other “hot spot” high-speed data connections. It works with any cellular phone, PDA or other device using any cellular service provider.

“The Freedom Antenna Plus(TM) lets the wireless PDA user tap into the benefits that can be seen from our current product, the Freedom Antenna(R),” said Jeff Doria, ARC Wireless Communications Solutions Division’s national sales manager. “One benefit, other than improved signal strength, is faster data-throughput as a result of the stronger signal being coupled to the wireless device,” Mr. Doria added.

“National Cellular is excited to have worked with ARC Wireless Solutions on the development of this revolutionary new cellular antenna,” said Nelson Roberts, Executive Director of National Cellular. “We look forward to our joint effort with ARC Wireless to introduce and market this innovative new product.”

About ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc.

ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc. is involved in selective design, manufacturing and marketing, as well as distributing and servicing, of a broad range of wireless components and network products and accessories. The Company develops, manufactures and markets proprietary products, including base station antennas (for cell phone towers) and other antennas, through its Wireless Communications Solutions Division; it is a value added distributor of Wi-Fi(R)and other wireless networking products through its Winncom Technologies Corp. subsidiary; and it designs, manufactures and distributes cable assemblies for cable, satellite and other markets through its Starworks Wireless Inc. subsidiary. The Company’s products and systems are marketed through the Company’s internal sales force, OEMs, numerous reseller distribution channels, retail and the Internet. ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc., together with its Wireless Communications Solutions Division and its Starworks Wireless subsidiary, are headquartered in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The Company’s Winncom Technologies Corp. subsidiary is located in Solon, Ohio. For more information about the Company and its products, please visit our web sites at,, and

About National Cellular (NCI)

Founded in 1984, National Cellular (NCI) is a leading distributor and a provider of value-added services to the wireless telecommunications industry. From the Company’s first custom-made briefcase-style phones to today’s featherweight digital marvels, NCI continues to deliver technologically advanced products to all facets of the wireless industry from the Company’s state-of-the-art 35,000 square-foot facility in Arlington, Texas. For more than 20 years, NCI has been one of the country’s largest points of distribution, starting with the cellular pioneers like Panasonic, GE and NovAtel and eventually gaining direct distribution status with other major suppliers such as Ericsson, Technophone, DiamondTel, Fujitsu, Pioneer and Mitsubishi. NCI has also served as an indirect distribution node for Motorola and Nokia handsets and accessories to round out our broad line of wireless products. NCI is the exclusive distributor for Arrista products in the United States. For more information about NCI and its products, please visit NCI’s web sites at, or itsconsumer web site at

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