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ESPRE Solutions, Inc., a Dallas-based media solutions and video technology company with a revolutionary and patented video compression technology, today announced that it has launched a formal initiative to deploy Java-based video communication tools for web programmers and communications providers to video enable their web communication solutions.

Since launching the latest version of eViewMail with a new Java-based encoder and player in February of this year, ESPRE’s management team has been architecting a long-term strategy for delivering each of its existing video communication solutions via Java-based environments.

According to Sun Microsystems, developers of the Java programming language, over 650 million PCs and 579 million mobile phones or other handheld devices are Java-enabled. That translates to over 90% of today’s personal computers using some form of Java.

According to Momentum Research, the Java brand is one of the hottest technology brands in the world, recognized by over 86% of tech-savvy consumers around the globe. Porting to a Java-based framework allows ESPRE to capture significant market presence and deliver one-of-a-kind video communication solutions to Java-enabled devices such as cell phones, PDAs, personal computers and set-top boxes.

“Since its inception, ESPRE’s mission has been to change the way people communicate. In its quest to achieve its mission and deliver a ubiquitous video solution, ESPRE has selected Sun Microsystem’s Java since it is the ideal environment for reaching across multiple platforms, including mobile, wireless and desktop. This year, ESPRE was the first to deliver real-time video collaboration using a wireless PDA. Now, using its new Java-based video encoder and player, ESPRE has proven it can deliver ‘real’ TV-quality video at low bandwidths using ESPRE’s patented video compression. Under this new initiative, ESPRE will deliver integrated video solutions for desktop and mobile video collaboration allowing such applications as real-time video conferencing using a smart phone and integration of ESPRE’s video into web-based video banners and advertisements” states Pete Ianace, ESPRE Solutions’ CEO.

Bob Nimon, CTO for ESPRE Solutions states, “Since our video technology provides the highest quality for the lowest bandwidth and processor utilization, it was practical for us to target the Java environment and leverage the associated portability across a wide variety of platforms. Our initiative positions us as the clear leader in the delivery of video enabled web applications. The development cycle for Java web video collaboration systems will be quicker and the end result will be more effective through the combined technologies associated with our encoder, player, and server deployment strategies.”

As part of this new Java-based initiative, ESPRE will begin marketing to web programmers, advertising firms and communication technology providers to offer ESPRE’s ‘best of breed’ video compression technology. Solutions initially offered to this audience will include unique development tools for creating videos and supporting applications ranging from advertising banner messages to streaming web-based videos.

Interested developers and marketers can join ESPRE Solutions’ mailing list to receive ESPRE’s Newsletter and also register to receive demo links of the technology by signing up at http://www.espresolutions.com/news.

Plano, Texas-based ESPRE Solutions is a public company and groundbreaking media collaboration solutions provider that fulfills the promise of TV-quality streaming video over the Internet—even at dial-up speeds as low as 28Kbps. ESPRE Solutions intends to be the video applications provider of choice for Internet Service Providers, Fortune 1000 corporations, and institutions worldwide, adding both narrowband and broadband video to traditional voice and data applications. ESPRE Solutions’ eView product suite provides an integrated solution for business and personal communications.

Find out more about ESPRE Solutions here.

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