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Pharos Science & Applications Inc., a leading provider of portable GPS navigation and location-based services, has introduced a new version 7.0 of its 2004 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award-winning Ostia Smart Navigator(TM) routing and navigation software for GPS-enabled mobile devices.

Ostia is the operating system behind Pharos’ growing line of navigation products including the popular Pocket GPS Navigator for Pocket PC personal digital assistants, and the company’s newly launched EZ Road all-in-one, portable GPS navigation device for drivers. Ostia also serves as the enabling software for Pharos’ suite of Web-based location services which includes Smart Navigator routing and navigation, Smart Finder dynamic points-of-interest lookup, and Smart Traffic real-time traffic information.

Several key new features have been added to Ostia Smart Navigator to enhance the user’s navigation experience, improve the overall performance of the software and make the product even easier to use. Primary new features include: — Smart Mapper(TM) for downloading digital maps on the go directly from Pharos’ Web server via Wi-Fi hotspot connection — Map 5.0 the latest digital map revision from leading map provider TeleAtlas — Geographic compatibility across U.S., Canada and Europe, resulting in automatic change from miles to kilometers, etc. — Bold 3-D, on-screen map view gives drivers “bird’s eye view” of the road ahead — Ability to navigate seamlessly across maps, even when navigating multi-stop routes — Soft-key menu buttons for easier and faster function selection — Ability to switch between portrait and landscape screen orientation (2003 edition Pocket PCs and later) — Export trip log in a text file for reports and business management — Save and export favorite locations to your PC or laptop from your Pocket PC

“Ostia Smart Navigator has been proven effective as a premier routing and navigation engine,” notes Pharos Vice President of Sales Robert Serafini. “With over 50,000 Ostia units in use today, we have gained valuable real-world experience, which has resulted in the significant enhancements available in the latest version of this powerful routing and navigation program.”

The Smart Navigator component in Ostia drives the first service to integrate real-time traffic data (Smart Traffic(TM)) and dynamic points-of-interest lookup (Smart Finder(TM)) with GPS positioning and navigation routing. Subscribers to Smart Navigator can create travel routes, receive voice-, text- and graphics-prompted driving instructions; follow and react to real-time traffic information specific to their location; and designate and navigate to nearby banks, hotels, restaurants, Internet hotspots, or other local businesses or venues.

Smart Navigator takes advantage of the wireless Internet capability of Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones and Smartphones, and QUALCOMM BREW-enabled cellular phones to deliver traffic incident and speed information directly to the user’s phone. Customers can view traffic conditions, select the most efficient driving route and, thus, improve their mobility.

Ostia Smart Navigator 7.0 with TeleAtlas digital maps retails for $119.95, and Ostia Smart Navigator 7.0 with Navteq digital maps retails for $149.95. All Pharos navigation products shipped after December 1, 2004 contain the new 7.0 version of Ostia Smart Navigator. Registered users of older versions of Ostia Smart Navigator can visit the company’s Web site at http://www.pharosgps.com for information on upgrading to the newest version 7.0.

About Pharos

Pharos Science & Applications, Inc. is a leading provider of portable GPS navigation and location-based services for a variety of markets. Pharos is a charter member of Microsoft’s Mobility Partner Advisory Council, a member of ITS America and CTIA. Pharos’ products are sold through a network of leading national retail locations and online stores including CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, Dell.com, Toshiba, Amazon.com, SkyMall, MobilePlanet, Buy.com and others. For more information, visit http://www.pharosgps.com.

Pharos Science & Applications Inc.

Jim White, 626-840-3796 jim.white@pharos-inc.com or Mark Burkel, 562-366-1552

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