Spectec MiniSD Wifi Card and the hw6500 iPAQ

One of our members s4czech has successfully connected the Spectec MiniSD Wifi card to work on the hw6500!! Here is his overview with some great commentary!

I’m happy to report that the Spectec MiniSD Wi-Fi card (model SDW-822) is working on the hw6515. Not only is it working, but it seems flawlessly fantastic so far!

This must mean the miniSD slot on the iPaq must support SDIO because it works just fine. All you do is load the driver. (they offer both cab, and .exe versions for intall) Pop it in, and you have instant Wi-Fi. Available connections pop up in a second or two. You can even pop it out and the iPaq keeps on trucking with no hiccups. Pop it back in, and you’ll be back on Wi-Fi in seconds. I’ve even tried streaming video and audiio. It plays them 100% great. I then walked around my loft, and the signal was rock solid even on the other side of the house. (see video in next post)

The miniSD model will be model SDW-822

The miniSD and SD wifi cards both use the same driver. They have an additional driver for you non-iPaq Smart Phone edition users as well. You can download it here

This miniSD Wi-Fi is not available to buy yet, and this is a test model. It should be out in a few weeks from what I understand.

The SD version is available now from here

I recommend getting the miniSD card though, because guess what? It works just as great in the SD slot too! This means you can mix and match all your miniSD & SD cards. I popped in in each slot, and it worked every time.

It works great. I wish I didnt stick out as much, but it’s way shorter then the discontinued Sandisk model. (and they are not making a new model) I plan to keep this thing in my wallet. You might have to cut a notch out of your docking cradle as well if you want it to stay in. A work around is to keep it in the SD slot using a miniSD adapter. It fits just fine while docked then.

Follow s4czech’s progress as he has posted some great video coverage here

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