Surf on your laptop using the i-730

One of our readers just sent me this who also has the Samsung I-730..Codepyro writes, “Dave I just got EVDO Speeds on my laptop using my I-730, its pretty easy and painless”.. So here are the steps involved to make this happen..

Go to the phone app and then press: **PATH (which is **7284)

You can then select USB and then plug the i730 in to your computer. It should automatically install the Samsung USB modem drivers and you should not see activesync popup/connect. You may need to download these Samsung MCCI drivers. You then need to make a new network connection that dials: #777 with the username: and password: vzw

This has been tested and verified by me, works with both EVDO and 1X.

Bluetooth is still in progress and does not currently work, even though it is listed, please check back later.

He also credits JimCapraro on PDAPhonehome for figuring this out. I have been using it for 2 days and it works like a charm! Also here is another I email got from a member. I Have Bluetooth DUN on my Samsung I730! I bought a Pretec SD BT card ($150.00) from This card supports pretty much all BT services. Install the drivers, reboot and plug the Bluetooth card in the slot. When you pair it to your laptop the DUN service is available. To set it up create a new dialup connection on the laptop with the “Bluetooth modem” selected. Pay attention to the com port for the “Bluetooth modem” on the laptop and set the same port under “dun” in the new BT software on your phone, and change the port speed to the fastest available on the phone. Set the username to: and your password to: vzw and your dialup number to: #777 After all the setup make sure data on the phone is “DISCONNECTED”. Go to your laptop, open the connection you created and connect. If you did it correctly it will establish the Bluetooth connection and dial the data connection. Things to look out for: If you use a program like GoodLink that tries to constantly connect to the internet it will disable your connection every time it tries to connect. You will have to disconnect and reconnect to get the data working again. I hard reset my device to delete GoodLink and just loaded the new Bluetooth card up. I have been online for over an hour and I am getting about 128k on 1x.

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