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Claudius needs help! He is on a mythical island called Pixelus, and he needs to navigate a variety of temples recreating the beautiful mosaic floors by replacing missing tiles. There are an increasing number of mosaic puzzles which Claudius must complete to please the gods and escape the island.

So the question is:


And the answer is:


This is a terrific game where you have to slide tiles into missing spots where tiles used to lay. It looks easy — but it definitely takes some thought. Just as you think you get the “hang” of it, a puzzle comes up that really challenges your logical thought process — I like that and have found it to be quite addicting!

It was an easy download, a quick install and I was up and ready to play.

But how do I do that? Simple!

There was a great tutorial on how to solve the puzzles — it gave me a good start. On occasion, if you get really stuck, you can ask for a hint to get one (or all) of the moves to keep you going. Essentially, you just need to slide a tile onto the missing spaces where tiles were once laid. It sounds simple but there are places that you need to build a backup to stop a tile from sliding beyond where you want it to be. After you get the tile placed, you need to remove those that you used because there are other tiles that need to be placed and you have JUST THE RIGHT NUMBER AVAILABLE. When a puzzle is solved, it displays the completed mosaic in full color.

So were there any puzzles I took a “peek” at their solution? Yep!! — and I’m glad they were there because it really gave a good insight into how to solve them. Now I won’t look — I’m stubborn! Of course the last puzzle I solved took 192 moves, but it was worth it because I did it! So now I’m of to make it in a significantly quicker time and seriously fewer moves!

When you complete a puzzle, you will get a Bronze, Silver or Gold star. You can choose to go on but if your like me, you go back and do it over and over to get the best time and the fewest moves. It is here that your frustration level increases and the adrenline starts to pump — GOLD — the only way to go!!

There are over 200 puzzles to solve and I have been impressed with the detailed graphics as well as some pretty neat music. I haven’t even come close to completing them, but they are good, it is fun and I believe that this will definitely be one of YOUR favorites!

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