Dave’s Ipaq – What Do You Get With A Pair of SeV Lounge Pants? @ Dave’s iPAQ

How often do you go to your closet to get a pair of pants and as you look at the vast array hanging there, more often than not, you pick the same pair? Why is that? Comfort — that’s why! You have purchased a variety of pants for a variety of occasions but when it comes to wearing a pair just to relax — it’s always the same pair.

Wouldn’t you like to have a pair of pants that fit almost all occasions? And yet, be that same pair you pick when you just want to relax? Now you can — and with this pair of pants, you won’t want to wear anything else.

For years, all of us have been wearing “sweats” when we want to relax. The sheer comfort, flexibility or “stretch” of the material, that comfortable feeling we get when we wear them is probably why we would always end up slipping these on when we were at home. And yes, we would on occasion, wear them out to get the Sunday paper or pick up that pizza but rarely, if ever, would we wear them to go to the movies.

Certainly, you would never wear them out to that favorite restaurant … it just wasn’t right. So you would change pants, go out to dinner, loosen your belt, drive home and put back on that favorite pair of pants again!

NO MORE! No more games, no more having to having to say: “I need to change…ahh, let’s eat in tonight.” With these pants, you will feel comfortable not only wearing them but wearing them where ever you go — That’s right, WHEREVER YOU GO!

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