Dave’s Ipaq – Wireless LAN Driver Update for h6300 Pocket PC Series @ Dave’s iPAQ

This update contains an execute-in-place (XIP) file that replaces the Miscellaneous OEM regional version of the ROM Image on the h6300 models. It is a permanent update to the flash ROM.

software information

Important Note!


This update can only be installed on ROM version 1.10.08. Please update the handheld with ROM 1.10.08 before installing this driver update.

To obtain ROM version 1.10.08, please visit HERE.


Provides Wireless LAN Driver build 63, which fixes the following issues:

Fixes issue with TCP/IP rebinding that occurs after a suspend/resume when using AnthaVPN. Fixes issue with automatic authentication during roaming. Fixes issue with “memory leakage” when handheld is roaming. Fixes issue where handheld will not enter Sleep mode while roaming. Fixes issue where roaming fails due to an incorrect BSSID list.

< subhead> Enhancements Provides support for third-party intermediate Wireless LAN driver. Provides driver that has completed all required certification testing.


ROM Version 1.10.08 Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 (or later)

You can find the HP iPAQ h6300 Pocket PC Series Wireless LAN Driver Update here.

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