DeLorme Earthmate — A GPS Solution Designed From The Ground Up!

The PowerPack is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and with the GPS attached, it is just a bit thicker. A clip is provided to attach the GPS and PowerPack to your belt. I did not like the clip and found it easier to slip the unit in my shirt pocket rather than place it on my belt if I was walking. Besides, it appeared that the line of sight for the satellites seemed to be better.

There are four small rubber feet on the PowerPack that stop it from slipping if you place it on your dashboard. With all the traveling I did this summer, it never moved. The base of the GPS unit is this same rubber like material, which prevents movement when placed on the dash. DeLorme provided a small suction cup that could be attached to the USB wire for added security from movement. Although I never used it, it would be useful for off road driving to keep the GPS secure.

Charging the PowerPack battery is simple. Inserting the AC adapter or the DC adapter will charge the unit in a short period of time. I have been very pleased with the length of time that the charge lasts. I have made several long trips this summer and have not had an issue with the power. Of course, I would recharge the unit each night to make sure that it would be fresh for the next day.

I like using my iPAQ to guide me to places that I have never been before. Sitting down at my computer, mapping out a route to travel then making a file to export to my iPAQ by cutting the map showing just the route that I’m taking is quick and easy. For the most part, I only want to use my iPAQ but there is that occasion that I need to use my laptop because I have decided to take a side trip from the route I originally mapped. To avoid having to anticipate side trips, I keep my laptop handy with my Street Atlas USA in the CD drive bay.

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