Der8auer admits messing up with custom covers for Intel LGA 1700 processors

The CEO of Thermal Grizzly, renowned overclocker Roman ‘Der8auer’ Hartung, has issued an apology for the inefficiency of the recently released custom heat spreaders, Intel High Performance Heatspreader (HPHS) V1 and Intel Mycro Direct Die V1, designed for Intel LGA 1700 processors. These products were meant to reduce the temperature of delidded chips by up to 15°C. However, instead, some processors have been overheating. Temporary sales suspension has been enforced as the company launches investigations into the causes and potential solutions for the issue.

In a video release, Der8auer apologises for the ineffective products and expresses his hopes of identifying and rectifying the root causes soon. The company is diligently conducting diagnostic tests to rectify the issue. Der8auer reiterates that over 50 different versions of the heat spreaders with identical internal designs were tested. Customers experiencing similar issues are urged to contact the company via the official support page on the Thermal Grizzly website.

In the video, Der8auer also offers viewers a more in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process of the recent Intel HPHS and Mycro Direct Die models. Quality control methods shown in the video include measuring the quality and smoothness of the copper bases and using pressure-sensitive paper to verify the contact quality between the processor die and the heat spreader. Despite Der8auer’s confidence in the uniform distribution of thermal paste in the HPHS and Mycro Direct Die V1, sales will not be resumed until the exact cause of the devices’ inefficiency is identified.

Thermal Grizzly’s heat spreaders share the same base structure, regardless of whether they are designed for AMD or Intel. Contact frames for both are made from aluminium. It is unlikely that AMD versions of these products, let alone those integrated with RGB lighting, will be available for sale until the issues with the Intel chips are diagnosed and resolved.

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