Disney to Offer a Dive into Marvel’s Alternative Ciniverse with Apple Vision Pro

Disney has unleashed an enticing trailer for an immersive Marvel adventure application exclusively designed for the Apple Vision Pro headset. Slated for release on May 30th, the one-hour experience closely aligns with the animated Marvel series, ‘What If…?’. This alternate reimagining of Marvel’s cinematic universe places Vision Pro owners in the driver’s seat, transforming their surroundings to immerse them deeper into the storyline.

“The Multiverse is in peril and the Watcher needs your help. Dangerous entities seek the Infinity Stones, putting not just their reality but your own at risk. In order to save the fate of the Multiverse, you will need to explore it, learn mysterious spells and protect your allies in epic battles. But tread carefully… everything may not be as it seems,” reveals Disney in a press release concerning the upcoming journey.

Users engaging with the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset can anticipate a diverse array of key Marvel personalities, a chance to master mystical arts and harness the power of the Infinity Stones. This ability to transition between augmented and virtual reality, and interact with the environment utilizing their hands and eyes, is anticipated as breathtaking by Marvel. The company guarantees a captivating environment peppered with stunning visual effects and solid supportive spatial sound, all hailing from Marvel’s cinematic universe.

The immersive experience ‘What If…?’ for Apple Vision Pro is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, May 30th.

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