Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC?

With the case open, you finally get to see how your iPAQ is attached and get to view the back side of the replaceable screen membrane that protects your iPAQ’s screen. The screen membrane has a black hard plastic border that is attached to the case with four Allen screws. A rubber gasket between the plastic and the case secure it from moisture or dust.

There are two tabs on either side of the black plastic border with a strap attached enabling the securing of your iPAQ inside the case. The strap is padded and uses Velcro to secure your device in place. It does take a bit of adjusting to get the strap as snug as you want. I’m sure with practice, the process will become easier. However, it does the job very well! My iPAQ is secure and will not move.

When you close the case, like the top, there is a rubber gasket placed inside of a groove that seals your case from the elements. As you look at the sealing system, you will know that it will do the job flawlessly! Sliding the cover on, the latches bring it up snug to give you a watertight fit.

There are a variety of accessories available to help make your experience better with your OtterBox. You have the option of purchasing a belt clip or a lanyard to provide a comfortable solution for all day use. You can purchase a large or a medium POD, which allows you to use GPS devices and other SD or CF accessories. In addition, there are a variety of different mounting kits—some of which look really cool! And of course, should you damage the screen protector; there is a screen replacement kit that you can get.

OtterBox has designed a case that provides extraordinary protection and coupled with the accessories that they have available; you’re ability to enjoy your device in extreme conditions will be enhanced.

I have been incredibly pleased with the protection that this case has offered my device. Because of the amount of money I have invested in my iPAQ, there have been a variety of situations where I would leave it at home or in the car because I felt it could potentially get damaged.

No longer do I feel that way—now that I have the ultimate in protection for my iPAQ, I always bring it with me.

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