Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC?

The Armor 1900 is the smallest ruggedized case that you can obtain for your iPAQ. The external dimensions are L 6.5 – W 4.5 – D 2.2 inches and the internal dimensions are L 5.56 – W 3.43 – D 0.93 inches. This case is available in an all black model or one that is fluorescent yellow. The case is enveloped in a dark thermoplastic rubber over-molding that provides extraordinary protection for the external shell of the case as well as the ability to have a solid grip while holding your iPAQ. As for the fluorescent yellow case, its yellow color almost looks more like an accent because of this dark rubberized material.

Holding the case in your hand for the first time you immediately recognize a quality product designed to offer you the utmost in protection for your iPAQ. The case, designed for a universal fit to adapt to smaller form factor PDAs, holds each of my iPAQs. My 4700 and 2715 fit like a glove and my 5555, because of its curved design at the top where the speaker is, needs just a bit of adjustment as I fit it into the case. Of course, my 1940 (because of its size) must feel a little lost in the case but it fits perfectly and is well protected.

The case is designed to be waterproof, crushproof, and drop-proof and as you rotate the case investigating its design, you can clearly see the protection for your device. I was hesitant to say the case is waterproof because of the plastic flip cover giving you access to the screen but there is a flexible, fully sealed interactive screen membrane between your device and the exterior. Besides serving as a waterproof covering, it also functions as a screen protector. I was able to access and use all of my programs with the screen membrane.

Looking at the front of the case you find next to the flip cover, a stylus holder integrated into the dark rubberized material. A good feature so you don’t have to worry about access to your stylus in your iPAQ. The holder grips the round type stylus perfectly. Of course, if you have the older style iPAQ stylus, you have to rotate it to fit…but it fits.

As you look at the case, you see at the top, a clear plastic top that extends slightly more than .5 inches above the case. It has clear reinforced vertical bars that blend into the top giving it extra strength. As you view the top, there is a rubber plug providing access for a headphone wire. You are provided with an additional removable plug for headphone access. This plug has a split on the side allowing you to have a wire protruding and yet still keep the waterproof seal. A nice idea!