Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC?

The clear top is easily removed for access to SD or CF cards. It should be noted that the clear top is scratch resistant and because it is clear, allows for scanning or the use of IR. I have sent several files to my different iPAQs via IR and have found the transfer to be flawless. There are accessories available to replace the clear top with larger PODS allowing for the use of expansion devices like a GPS or scanner.

The top is attached with two latches (located on the left and right sides) that are very easy to open. The latches are compound locking latches that allow for easy opening and very secure closing of the case. The lever action of the latch is smooth and definitely gives you a feeling of security.

Removing the top, you see a rubber gasket set in a groove that when attached to the case, provides a tight waterproof and dust proof seal. The rubber plug for the speaker wire has a tail on the inside of the case that is attached to the side. This guarantees that you won’t accidentally misplace or lose the plug when it is detached. In addition, with the top removed, there is easy and adequate access to SD and CF cards for removal and quick access for plugging in a headphone jack.

At the bottom of the case, there is a large rubber plug firmly attached. A small tab attached to the plug allows for easy removal for access to the connection for charging or syncing through the bottom of the case. Similar to the earphone wire plug, there is a tail attached for security. As you look at this plug when it is removed, its design and function clearly reinforces the durability of this product. It is apparent that they took each part of this case and made it the best quality possible—very impressive!

Looking at the back of the case, you see two more locking latches and an adjustable neoprene hand strap. The hand strap has Velcro fasteners for adjustment. Located behind the strap, is a circular set of tiny holes that have a Gore(tm) membrane vent for heat and pressure dissipation. Just another example of a well thought out product.

Unlocking the two latches in the rear allows you to slide open the back of the case. It is a rather unique design because the case opens in such a way to make insertion of your iPAQ very easy. Too me, little things make a difference. As I looked at the inside of the back cover, I found that the strap handles and the locking latches were attached to the case with brass fittings that are significantly more durable. It could have been plastic and no one would have noticed but OtterBox would have. In keeping with their strategy of providing the best quality, they continued to do it right!

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