Durov announced the introduction of AI chatbots in Telegram

Telegram, the popular messaging platform, has introduced a significant functionality upgrade that allows users to convert personal accounts into business profiles in the newly launched Telegram Business section. The update was personally announced by the service’s creator, Pavel Durov, on his Telegram channel. Alongside this, he also announced the forthcoming implementation of AI chatbots within the platform.

“This week we have launched the first suite of Telegram Business features. Users are now able to convert their personal Telegram accounts into business accounts. This will allow them to add their location and operating hours, organise chats with color labels, use automated greeting messages or out-of-the-office notifications, as well as quick reply templates,” Durov was quoted as saying in his post.

In addition to the business transformation feature, Durov also unveiled an upcoming feature that is set to “revolutionise how users interact with chatbots”. With the new tools, Telegram business account holders will be able to utilise chatbots as “invisible secretaries”, employing artificial intelligence to enhance automation capabilities to unprecedented levels. Importantly, the new Bot API will be available to developers entirely free of charge by the end of this month.

In addition to these advancements, Durov also promised more exciting updates for business users and developers throughout the year. As a reminder, late last month Durov announced a channel monetisation feature. With this new function, owners of public Telegram channels will receive up to 50% of the platform’s advertising revenue on their channels. The revenue share will be distributed in the form of Toncoin cryptocurrency, which can be cashed out or invested into further development of their channels.

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