EK Introduces the EK-Quantum Delta² TEC Thermoelectric Water Block with Support for 14th Generation Intel Core Processors

Slovenian-based liquid cooling manufacturer, EK, has introduced its upgraded EK-Quantum Delta² TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooling) water block designed for Intel Core 14th generation processors (Raptor Lake Refresh-S). The new release is part of a private collaboration with Intel since the latter discontinued its Cryo Cooling project last year.

Processor Compatibility

The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC water block is compatible with a wide range of processors, including:

  • Various Intel Core i5, i7, and i9 processors belonging to the 12600, 12700, 12900, 13600, 13700, 13900, 14600, 14700, and 14900 series.

Originally, the supported processors list for the EK-Quantum Delta² TEC water block was Intel Core 12th and 13th generation chips. Intel officially discontinued Cryo Cooling technology from the Core 13th generation processor onwards. However, EK continues to support 14th generation Core chips with the backing of the processor developer.

Water Block Image

Intel Cryo Cooling Technology

Intel Cryo Cooling is a thermoelectric cooling system based on the Peltier effect. The technology utilizes temperature differences between the two sides of the cooling plate—one heating up and one cooling down—as electric current is applied. This results in effective cooling with temperatures close to 0°C. The latest version of Intel’s Cryo Cooling software, which supports the EK-Quantum Delta² TEC water block, is available for download.

Cryo Cooling Image

Product Features

The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC kit also includes a special controller designed for managing the pump within the water block for cooling the TEC plate and fans within the cooling loop. EK, however, urges users to familiarize themselves with these aspects independently.

While the EK-Quantum Delta² TEC offers impressive performance and cooling capacity for high-intensity single-core workloads as well as less intensive multi-core workloads, it is not suitable for synthetic stress tests like Prime 95, where all processor cores work at maximum clock rates.

Product Features Image

Pricing and Availability

The EK-Quantum Delta² TEC with the thermoelectric cooling system is now available for pre-order on EK’s official site. It is priced at €572.90 (VAT included).

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