Epic Games Store Kicks Off Massive Mega Sale with Free Full Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Epic Games Store has reportedly announced the commencement of its annual mega sale, offering a vast selection of discounted items and secret game giveaways.

Approximately 1800 items are on offer with discounts up to 95%, covering a wide range of games such as the co-operative horror-shooter Killing Floor 2. The Epic rewards system also provides a return of 5% on all purchases.

Customers can view the full range of discounted items on the store website. Some significant discounted games available in the Russian segment include:

Image of discounted games on Epic Games Store

As part of the promotion, users can add a complete edition of fantasy RPG “Dragon Age: Inquisition” to their libraries. However, this offer isn’t available in the Russian region.

It is worthy of note that this is the first time Epic Games Store is giving away Dragon Age: Inquisition. The complete edition pack includes the main game, as well as all major DLCs, such as Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, Trespasser, and item packs.

Image of Dragon Age: Inquisition, part of the Epic Games Store giveaway

The “Dragon Age: Inquisition” complete edition giveaway will end on 23 May at 18:00 Moscow time, while the Epic Games Store mega sale is set to conclude on 13 June at 18:00 Moscow time, spanning for just less than a month.

The identities for the next three secret games remain under wraps. However, insider billbil-kun assures that these would be AAA-class projects. Last year’s mega sale reportedly offered Death Stranding, Fallout: New Vegas complete edition, Midnight Ghost Hunt and Payday 2.

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