EXCLUSIVE: The First Glimpse of The Blue Dock

Per information I received today

As you can see the BlueDock’ has morphed through a robust Industrial Design Phase to come out in a very sleek form factor. Its look and flexibility are very different then what is currently being shown on the Synosphere Website.

The product can be described as an “Intelligent Docking Station”

The new design has a interchangeable pocket which allows the BlueDock to support different devices or if you choose to upgrade your PDA the BlueDock will work with a new pocket inserted. At launch time several different PDA vendors will be supported

The BlueDock will support PPC2003 edition, Older Handhelds can be upgraded to 2003 for a nominal fee from the Manufactures website.


10/100 Ethernet connection

USB port

SVGA monitor support (800X600)

SD Slot (Not SDIO) For your mobile Hard Drive needs

Limited quantities will be ready for release in Q4 (Calendar) of 2004

Will be launching its Partner Program very soon via its web site. www.synosphere.com

I dont know much more other than what was sent to me about this product but I am pretty excited to see how this will work!!! Great idea and concept..

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