A look as if it is supposed to be
handled … worked … used!

The reviews I have completed on this series of new iPAQs have been favorable; from the 1700 which was pricey for an entry model, up to the 4700 which is my absolute favorite all time iPAQ! I must admit that when I was deciding on what iPAQ I would add to my collection, it was a difficult decision between the 3700 and the 4700 series. Ultimately, I chose the 4700 because of its size, VGA screen, memory and the expansion capabilities with the SD and CF slots. That was a good decision for me!

It is amazing how quickly you become accustomed to certain features. I remember when I bought my 5555; I wanted the extra memory and the fingerprint reader. My 3970 was a terrific device but I just wanted the “extra” features that the 5555 had to offer. I have been very happy with that choice. But then the 4700 series came out and it had 64 mg of RAM, 128 mg of ROM and it had duel CF SD slots…as well as a VGA screen and a cool new “touch pad”. It was an easy decision to make the upgrade choice and without question, it is my favorite all time iPAQ! But….

I still use my other iPAQs, especially my 1940. Why? Because of size! There are a lot of times that carrying my 4700 is just a bit too much and the 1940 just fits the bill although it does have some big time limitations. And then…along comes HP’s newest entries…The HP iPAQ hx2000 series! I swear that they just knew what I needed and decided to begin this series just to keep me happy!!

That’s right, a new iPAQ that has just about everything you would ever want and more. More? You bet!! More memory, more security (the fingerprint reader is back), more flexibility because of size, and a faster processor! This is one dynamite package that will surely rank at the top of the charts!

The anticipation of seeing what is inside of the box when you finally get it home is just incredible. I went into my office, opened the box and quickly removed the contents; my new iPAQ, cradle, charger with adapter and a package containing the Companion CD, Getting Started and How Do I manuals as well as a bevy of miscellaneous pamphlets (that I never look at).

So what does it look like in real life? Most of us have seen the pictures but I don’t think any of them do it justice! NO…I don’t have to think, pictures definitely DO NOT do this unit justice. It is a very impressive looking device. Pleasing to the eye (although the silver calendar, contacts, mail and iTASK buttons should have been black), it has a robust look…a look of strength and durability. A look as if it is supposed to be handled…worked…used!

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