Software is expected to come with a device; it is just what they give you that makes a difference. The HP ProtectTools security application is clearly a BIG plus especially since we are becoming so dependent with these devices. Although I have never lost a device, I know that if I did, my files would be secure. And yes, I have spent some time with Pocket Informant 5.0 personal information management (PIM) application …and I like it a lot. It is very powerful and much better than the standard Contacts, Calendar and Tasks applications.

Dockware is Ilium Software’s personalized clock and calendar for your iPAQ. I think it is just wonderful to lookup and see a slideshow of my favorite pictures while my iPAQ is sitting in its cradle. The added bonus of a desk clock and calendar makes this program a perfect companion.

Lastly, I am really impressed with Microsoft Windows Mobil 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PC (Premium Edition). It has been a joy to work with. Pocket versions of familiar applications like Microsoft® Outlook®, Word and Excel continue to be a part of the included software. Hopefully, these applications will soon be revamped with more features or maybe HP will see the light and add applications like TextMaker and PlanMaker. We can only hope!

So first impressions…are lasting impressions. This is a first class device designed for the power user who wants it all. The design of the unit, the incredible screen, the memory, the touch pad, and the forward thinking in creating a device that has the ability for future expansion has set the standard that all others will follow.