Inserting the device in the cradle brought up an instant Set Up a New Partnership in ActiveSync. After picking the options I wanted, the sync was smooth as silk. Actually, I was surprised at how fast it did sync. So far, each experience I have had with this device has been extremely positive. It is fast, there is no question about that.

After establishing a partnership, it was time to load several programs. I did want to install my GPS program to check out Bluetooth. The install went well although I did get a message that it was made for a previous version of Windows Mobile Software. I do have some concerns as to whether or not all of my programs will work…some are quite old, but only time will tell as I load and try each program.

The Bluetooth function was like everything else…flawless. I installed my GPS software, turned on Bluetooth, went to connection manager, discovered my device and was navigating my way through the paths of Maine quickly. Again, it might be me but I feel that this iPAQ is significantly faster than the others I have. Everything just seems to work very well and with no lag time.

What comes in the package besides the iPAQ, battery, stylus, cradle and charger? You get a Companion CD, a quick-start guide, a FAQ brochure, an iPAQ Choice voucher, Warranty information and some promotion materials. All items that are important but not items that I care to spend a lot of time with.

So what do you get with this new device? An absolutely incredible 4″ Transflective VGA TFT color display. An Intel PXA270 Processor 624 MHz which is noticeably FAST in every aspect of its use and 192 MB total memory; (128 MB Strata Flash ROM and 64 MB SDRAM). The new integrated touchpad that allows navigation with mouse-like cursor is unique to Pocket PCs and is one the coolest enhancements we have seen to date.

Of course having integrated WiFi (WLAN 802.11b1), Bluetooth wireless technology and Integrated IrDA FIR are expected on a device like this. Integrated SDIO and CF Type II expansion slots are a BIG plus especially for future expansion and if you plan on keeping this device a while, the Magnesium-alloy body will keep it safe from damage.

I am impressed with the removable/rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. It has had quite a workout over the past several weeks and I have yet to want for battery power.

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