Tapping on the Photosmart Camera icon starts a very neat camera interface. With a series of controls, you can snap a picture, make a video, zoom in or out, view your pictures (or videos), adjust your settings through the capture menu, get help and exit from the camera mode. There is a clear display of your f-stop and time along with a “hand” appearing if there is insufficient light in the lower left hand corner.

In the upper right hand corner the number of remaining pictures is indicated along with stars indicating compression and the current resolution is displayed. You can snap a picture with a touch of a button on the screen or with the “record” button and there is a nice picture centering display in the middle of the screen. Initial shots that I took were impressive for the type of camera.

The Mobile Media icon starts a cool program that will allow you to view media files on your iPAQ that are located on your PC. Without having installed the companion CD, the only files I could play were those that were “local” media on my iPAQ. The interface was powered by nevo. That?s correct, NEVO!

The forth and final icon is the Home Control. For me, this is one of the nicest elements of this device. I like the ability of controlling ALL my remote devices with my iPAQ. Of course I knew it would work but I had to set up my TV, DVD player, and CD player. It was an easy setup (very intuitive) and of course, flawless operation.

Three of the four icons that are on the buttons on either side of the navigation pad have been changed. They have been replaced with Mobile Media, HP Image Zone, nevo and iTASK is back as the fourth button. What I like about the buttons is their duel functionality. Pressing the button will begin a predefined program, but if you press and hold the button, a different program will begin. With so much available for you to do with this device, this is a welcome feature!

I haven’t even pressed START yet to see what else is on this device and I am already incredibly impressed with what it does. First Impressions…are lasting impressions! With an excellent exterior design and an outstanding opening interface, I am really pleased with what I have in front of me. It appears as if the possibilities are endless.

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