Flash Drive Presented Capable of Literally Burning Your Data for Protection

Developer Ryan Walker of Interrupt Labs has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply to facilitate the mass production of an unusual USB device named Ovrdrive. Uniquely, this storage device possesses a physical self-destruct mechanism, which raises the memory chip’s temperature above 100 ºC when activated.

Ovrdrive USB is by default unencrypted, providing legal usability in nations where legislation prohibits encryption. The drive also features physical security measures. To ensure correct USB port recognition, the device should be inserted three times swiftly. If not executed correctly, the drive will be incorrectly identified, similar to a damaged unit.

Of interest, the initial plan for Ovrdrive was to initiate self-destruct upon incorrect insertion. However, mass production of such drives turned out to be challenging, leading to the abandonment of this configuration. Nevertheless, Walker retained the self-destruct mechanism in the final product. He suggests raising the voltage supplied to the board, which heats it to approximately 100 ºC. This temperature might not be adequate to destroy the memory chip, but users have the option to modify the device for a higher temperature independently. Notably, the developers do not plan to include any hazardous compounds with the device.

In the initial device version, the user had to touch the device with moist fingers for activation. Effectively, users would have to moisten their fingers to interact with Ovrdrive USB. The developers assert that the new product is designed for journalists, researchers, and other individuals requiring enhanced information protection. During the crowdfunding campaign, Ovrdrive USB is available for a pledge of $69 in the US, with an additional $12 for overseas delivery.

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