Following a wave of layoffs, Tesla opens up job vacancies in AI sector offering salaries up to $360,000 per year.

Tesla Inc. is actively recruiting artificial intelligence (AI) experts, despite the firm’s recent staff reductions. Most of the job offers come with six-figure annual salaries in US dollars, in addition to bonuses.

New AI Roles at Tesla

According to the details shared, roughly 20 AI-related roles have opened at the company. The salaries for these positions go up to $360,000 annually, inclusive of various benefits. The new roles include engineers for autonomous vehicles and machine vision specialists. These positions critical for the development of Tesla’s autopilot technology, imply tasks such as building AI infrastructure for training neural networks, large-scale data processing for autopilot, and enhancing its reliability.

Tesla’s Recent Staff Cuts

Interestingly, these hiring moves follow recent significant layoffs at Tesla. Last month, Elon Musk announced a 10% staff reduction, approximately 14,000 people, following unfavorable financial results in the first quarter. 500 of the laid-off experts were part of the Supercharger charging station network development team.

Strategic Priorities and Future Plans

Tesla appears to be reallocating saved funds to strengthening its AI team and enhancing autonomous driving research, a key strategic objective for the firm, alongside the launch of the Optimus robot. In addition to AI engineers, Tesla is actively recruiting automotive technical specialists to ramp up production, another crucial step in achieving the company’s ambitious plans to increase manufacturing volumes in the coming years.

Ongoing Moves and Collaborations

Lately, Tesla has been actively promoting its autopilot paid subscription, offering a 30-day trial and reduced prices. The firm also announced a presentation for the autonomous taxi, Cybercab, scheduled for August 8, though the exact road presence of these vehicles remains uncertain due to increased regulatory scrutiny in the US following several fatal accidents.

In response, Tesla has initiated a collaboration with Chinese company Baidu to collect global autopilot data in China, where regulations are more favorable. Speculations are rife that Musk may also establish a data processing center in China to supplement existing facilities.

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