Gigabyte unveils motherboards for Intel and AMD chips on white laminate

During the CES 2024 exhibition, Gigabyte revealed their new motherboards for the latest generations of Intel and AMD processors. Specifically designed for Intel Alder Lake, Raptor Lake, and Raptor Lake Refresh chips is the Z790 AORUS PRO X model. Gigabyte has also prepared the X670E AORUS PRO X and B650 AORUS ELITE X ICE models for the AMD Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 8000G processors.

All newly unveiled Gigabyte motherboards stand out due to their white PCB color theme, along with majority components also sporting a white hue.

Z790 AORUS PRO X motherboard

The Z790 AORUS PRO X features a Twin Digital VRM power subsystem with a phase scheme of 18+1+2. Built on an eight-layer PCB, it includes 8mm heat pipes for cooling within its power subsystem components.

Z790 AORUS PRO X internals

M.2 slots for NVMe SSDs are also equipped with heat sinks. Other user-friendly features include the EZ-Latch Click mechanism for easy graphics card removal, and screwless mounts – EZ-Latch Plus, for SSD installation.

X670E AORUS PRO X motherboard

For the AMD Ryzen 7000 and Ryzen 8000G processors, Gigabyte has prepared the X670E AORUS PRO X motherboard with AMD’s flagship X670E chipset. Ryzen 8000G chips on this motherboard, as with other Gigabyte boards with Socket AM5, will require a BIOS update to version F20 or later.

Look inside X670E AORUS PRO X

Like the Intel-focused model, the AMD-specific motherboard also features a Twin Digital VRM power configuration with a 16+2+2 phase scheme. This eight-layer PCB comes with Thermal Guard heat sinks for M.2 connectors and easy-to-install/remove mechanisms: EZ-Latch Click and EZ-Latch Plus.

B650 AORUS ELITE X ICE motherboard

For budget-conscious gamers, Gigabyte is preparing the B650 AORUS ELITE X ICE. With a power system featuring a Twin Digital VRM with a 12+2+2 phase layout, this model is built on a six-layer PCB. The VRM is cooled by 6mm heat pipes. Wi-Fi 6E support is also advertised for this upcoming release.

Close look at B650 AORUS ELITE X ICE
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