Going to McDonald’s?…Play a game

Global wireless entertainment publisher JAMDAT Mobile Inc., announced it is providing game prizes for MONOPOLY Best Chance Game 2.0, now available at participating McDonald’s restaurants through November 8 or while supplies last. JAMDAT is providing the following wireless and PC games as prizes:

“JAMDAT Bowling” (wireless)

“JAMDAT SPORTS Golf 2004” (wireless)

“JAMDAT Solitaire” (wireless)

“Lemonade Tycoon” (PC)

“The Emperor’s Mahjong” (PC)

MONOPOLY Best Chance Game 2.0 offers consumers the familiar McDonald’s promotional game, plus a new online version (www.playatmcd.com) where consumers have a chance to win electronic and downloadable prizes – including JAMDAT wireless and PC games.

“We are pleased to be working with McDonald’s to provide prizes for MONOPOLY Best Chance Game 2.0, McDonald’s most popular promotional game,” said Mitch Lasky, Chairman and CEO of JAMDAT Mobile Inc. “Consumers who win will be able to download and enjoy JAMDAT wireless or PC games including ‘JAMDAT Bowling’ and ‘Lemonade Tycoon.'”

The availability of JAMDAT wireless games will depend on a consumer’s wireless carrier and phone model.

About JAMDAT Mobile

JAMDAT Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ: JMDT) is a global publisher of wireless entertainment applications, including games, ring tones, images and other content. JAMDAT’s application portfolio is based on original and licensed intellectual properties and includes “JAMDAT Bowling,” “Lemonade Tycoon(TM),” “Bejeweled,” “The Lord of the Rings(TM),” “Tony Hawk’s(TM) Underground” and “Scrabble(TM).” JAMDAT distributes its applications through wireless carriers, including AT&T Wireless, China Mobile, Cingular, 02 (UK), Nextel, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, Sprint, Telefonica Moviles, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Vivo and Vodafone. For additional information, please visit www.jamdat.com.

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