Good reason for a vacation…

So you have been saying “no” to that trip to Yosemite because you won’t have a connection to the net, huh? That excuse just went by the boards because Yosemite National Park will be among the first to have WiFi access in National forest and recreational areas.

Visitors to the Sierra National Forest / Yosemite National Park will be among the first to have WiFi access in National forest and recreational areas thanks to new, patented antennas from WiFi-Plus, Inc. The remarkable tree and obstruction penetrating qualities of the antennas were selected by Airwave Adventures and combined with Value Point Networks Rugged Access Points, to make a wireless internet available to RV’ers in Yosemite National Park area.

“The rugged design and high power of the Value Point Networks “SuperAP” ™ and vastly superior tree penetrating ability of the WiFi-Plus antenna, allowed us to protect the environment and satisfy our customers need for wireless connectivity while visiting the park.” said Frank Beard, Communication Consultant for Airwave Adventurers. (The project spokesman).

Mr. Beard added, “ It is important to us to keep it simple using best of breed equipment with a turn key approach to achieve a cost effective, reliable solution. By integrating WiFi-Plus, Inc. obstruction penetrating antennas with Value Point Networks Access Points and the customers own equipment, delivering reliable, available, wireless telecom required only a quarter of the base stations originally expected. All other antennas tested either failed or rendered the project cost-prohibitive. WiFi-Plus is clearly the new standard in antenna design. We felt the rugged nature of the Value Point Networks AP’s used for the project also contributed to the overall success. They out-performed other wifi access points we tested and we are able to provide a good data throughput even on a fair or faint signal level”.

“Airwave Adventures will only use Wifi-Plus, Inc multi-polarity antennas in other hotel and RV Park projects because they substantially increased communications performance and the cost-effectiveness on projects.” Added Frank Beard. “With our solution we can meet the challenges of a particularly difficult wireless deployment in a tree-obstructed environments. The new advancement in technology will allow us to seek many other projects that we had previously passed on due to dense foliage.”

WiFi-Plus, Inc. President Dennis Broderick said, “We are proud to offer a product that is made in the USA and can be used to protect the natural beauty of the National Forest and Parks while at the same time offering superior performance in real world environments that would have previously required running more wires or building additional towers. WiFi-Plus antennas remove the constraints of linear antenna technology that has been typically used. As is being proven by a wide range of uses, WiFi-Plus multi-polarity (MP) antenna technology enables connectivity in rural, urban, commercial and harsh environments that is simply not possible with other antennas.”

The hotspot provided is also expected to be used by management/staff and could play a future key role in amber alert and fire threat situations. WiFi-Plus antennas enabled communications in an extremely harsh environment to battle the San Bernardino fires in spring 2004.

ValuePoint Networks’ VP Business Development David Grissom said, “The Shaver Lake campground is a perfect example of the kinds of deployments where our product features shine. While so many other products are made for home or enterprise use, we make ours for Public Access Wi-Fi. Combined with the WiFi-Plus antenna and the expertise of Airwave Adventures, this is the perfect fit”.

About WiFi-Plus, Inc.

Wifi-Plus, Inc. holds exclusive patent rights on its proprietary antenna designs, which gathers multi-path reflection and refractions in multiple polarizations and multiple planes, achieving superior coverage in areas that other antennas will receive noise or drop out. WiFi-Plus multi-polarized (MP) antennas collect the available signal in a Doppler-like, 3 dimensional space and combine these signals to produce a signal that would otherwise be considered non-existent. WiFi-Plus is the only antenna manufacturer able to make such a claim.

WiFi-Plus, Inc. antenna users include municipalities, telecom providers, retailers, corporations, military, public safety, emergency response, academic, research and government organizations. The firm operates through various distribution channels and recently announced an alliance with to advance the supply of electronic signage networks for retail, commercial and public information applications. See ;

About Value Point, Inc.

ValuePoint Networks, based in San Francisco, California is serving the needs of service providers deploying public access Wi-Fi. Founded in 2002 to bring to market superior products designed specifically for hotspots and other shared access venues, ValuePoint has quickly become a leader in this burgeoning space. With products built around a solid foundation, our strategy is to continue offering our customers with a superior solution at lower cost, thereby minimizing upfront capital investment. With previous experience from numerous networking and software companies, ValuePoint’s executive team has a solid track record of success.

About Airwave Adventurers

Airwave Adventurers is serving the RV community by supplying a host of Internet and Wireless (Wi-Fi) solutions such as “Link N Go” Hotspot Access Points in RV Parks & Marinas, Wireless Security Cameras and Satellite Internet Access. Airwave Adventurers has provided consultation to several different Wi-Fi projects across the nation. By working with the best products on the market, it has enabled them to bring the most cost-effective solution to the end users.

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