GS Group of Kaliningrad to Launch Production of Precision Class 7 Printed Circuit Boards by 2026

Kaliningrad’s GS Group is making moves to produce up to 5 million square decimeters of its own printed circuit boards per annum by 2026, according to Kommersant.

A Look at Similar Ventures

Andrey Kucheryavy, CEO of Rezonit, has stated that in recent years, two factories with matching capacities were built in Russia. The construction cost of one such factory, Svyaz Engineering, weighed in at around €60 million; the other, built by Rezonit, approximated $45-50 million. This suggests a similar price tag could be expected for GS Group’s new factory.

Industry Insights

Consortium of Printed Circuit Boards’ data from the end of 2023 shows a yearly printed circuit board production in Russia of 26.6 million square decimeters. By 2025, this number is forecasted to rise to 29.2 million square decimeters.

Companies Seizing Opportunities

In 2023, a handful of Russian firms announced their intent to establish PCB production for their own needs and for sales purposes. GK Yadro, for instance, plans to kickstart production at their Dubna factory with an annual capacity reaching up to 4 million square decimeters. Other notable entrants are ‘Beshtau’, and automotive electronics manufacturers ‘NPP Itelma’ which pledge to invest up to 2 billion rubles in the production of precision-grade PCBs. Beginning 2024, Russian electronics featuring indigenous PBCs will be deemed as local-patronized, hence the interest for firms to roll out their own line of system boards is well justified.

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