Hackers Breach Fujitsu – Customer Data Potentially Stolen

Fujitsu, the multinational technology corporation, has confirmed a cyberattack resulting in the potential leakage of personal data and information pertaining to its clients. The compromised systems are currently severed from the network, and an ongoing security examination seeks to establish the details regarding system penetration. Fujitsu did not provide details of the malware type involved in the cyber attack.

“We have confirmed the presence of malicious software on several of our company’s work computers, and following an internal investigation, we discovered that files containing personal information and customer data could have been stolen”, stated Fujitsu’s official declaration (published solely in the company’s Japanese version of the website). The firm did not specify the nature of the potentially stolen information or to whom the data belongs, such as employees, corporate clients, or private individuals.

Fujitsu confirmed that it made a report to the Personal Information Protection Commission, a data protection agency in Japan. Currently unknown is whether the corporation has issued similar notifications to governing authorities or bodies in foreign countries, including the United States. Fujitsu representatives have not yet responded to journalists’ queries about the details of the cyberattack.

Fujitsu, the Japan-based corporation employing approximately 124,000 personnel, caters to clients from both public and private sectors globally. The firm was recently implicated in the wrongful convictions of hundreds of UK postal workers accused of theft, due to errors in the Horizon software developed by Fujitsu.

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