Halo Co-Author Leaves Electronic Arts Without Releasing a Single Game – His Studio was Working on the Next Battlefield

One of Halo’s co-creators, Marcus Lehto, failed to achieve the expected success with his previous studio, V1 Interactive. Now it, appears he was compelled to leave his latest venture Ridgeline Games, a company he founded under Electronic Arts.

Image Source: Electronic Arts

Ridgeline Games was introduced in October 2021 as a first-person game developer, specifically focusing on the narrative segments of the Battlefield franchise.

Two and a half years after the establishment of Ridgeline Games, Lehto, who had been instrumental in its inception, has now left the team. This was made public through updates on his social media profiles.

According to the information on his LinkedIn profile, Lehto left Ridgeline Games earlier in the month. He has not made any statements regarding his departure.

Marcus Lehto(Image Source: Video Games Chronicle)

In addition to Lehto, Ridgeline Games’ Art Director, Chris Matthews, also left the company in January, subsequently joining 343 Industries, which is currently developing the Halo series.

As pointed out by players, there are currently no job openings listed for Ridgeline Games, which seems unusual considering the hiring activities of other Electronic Arts studios engaged in developing Battlefield.

Ridgeline Games, according to official data, is one of three studios including Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA) and DICE, trusted by Electronic Arts with the future of the Battlefield franchise. Presently, the next installment in the series is under development.

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