Have you tried the NEW MSN Toolbar Suite?

I really think that this is worth the look and the install. From my initial use, it is more powerful, intuitive, and easier than anything that is out there.

The MSN Toolbar Suite features three different toolbars to help you search the Web and your computer from Microsoft Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer, the Windows taskbar, and Microsoft Outlook.

MSN Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer

You don’t have to leave your current web page: just type what you want to find, and then decide whether you want to search your computer or the Web. Make the most of your time on the Web: save your address and credit card information and let the toolbar do the work of filling out forms online. And to improve your browsing experience, Pop-up Blocker banishes those annoying pop-ups windows.

MSN Deskbar

Whatever you’re doing, you always have access to the Deskbar. Start typing your search terms and watch the Deskbar automatically find the documents, images, music, or e-mail messages you want.

MSN Toolbar for Microsoft Office Outlook

Find everything you need — e-mail messages, documents, or websites — all without leaving Outlook.

What happens next ?

MSN Desktop Search has started to create an index of all the items on your computer, so you can find what you want quickly. For best results, allow some time for this first index to be created.

You can find out more information on the MSN Toolbar Suite here.

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