HP iPAQ 6340 ROM Update

The h6340 update addresses the following:

GSM Firmware version 541C Update:

Fixes GSM/GPRS settings to handle connectoid name with more than 20 characters. Fixes issue where Inbox attachments from certain ISPs were unable to be sent over the GPRS connection.

Wireless LAN Driver build 59:

Fixes issue that occurred with tunneled transport layer security (TTLS) server certificate validation. Fixes unrecognizable characters that were displayed during login when using TTLS with MS-CHAP2. Fixes LEAP authentication to redisplay login prompt after tapping Cancel. Changes display name to “HP iPAQ Wi-Fi Wireless Adapter.”

Bluetooth build

Fixes issue where handheld could not reconnect to remote device after a page timeout. Fixes Object push profile update so it sends all files. Updates FTP connection wizard to correct service discovery issue. Adds a check to prevent a second headset connection when a headset is already connected. Fixes issue with call waiting for incoming call handling while dialing out. Fixes issue with headset connection icon so it is correctly displayed after power cycling. Fixes audio to make it compatible with an in-car solution.

Fixes issue where the LED and network status were not properly synchronized.

Fixes issue where the user could not send multimedia messaging (MMS) message.

Activates echo cancellation for wired headset.

You can find the update here