Initially, the Automatic Super Resolution Upscaler in Windows will only work with Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite.

Windows to Integrate Automatic Super Resolution Technology

Microsoft is actively developing a new technology known as Automatic Super Resolution (Auto SR). This image-scaling feature, which will be integrated across the entirety of the Windows operating system, aims to provide an enhanced user interface not only for gaming but also for other applications. It is worth noting that initially, Auto SR will be exclusive to computers branded under the Copilot Plus PC category.

Introduction of the Copilot Plus PC Brand

The new brand Copilot Plus PC will represent AI-enabled Windows laptops from various manufacturers. These advanced notebooks will be capacitated with the necessary hardware to support AI functionalities across the operating system. This range was recently launched, introducing new Surface laptops from Microsoft, amongst other releases from Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and Asus. A unique feature that sets these laptops apart is the integration of Arm processors Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite. The initial roll-out of Auto SR will be limited to PCs with such processors, excluding support for X86-compatible chips and even 10-core Arm processors like Snapdragon X Plus. However, the Auto SR will operate exclusively with a selected collection of games at the outset.

Illustrative image Source: Microsoft

Upcoming Releases and Hopes for Expansion

While Microsoft’s description of Auto SR mentions no other processors apart from Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite, the release of AMD’s Strix Point and Intel’s Lunar Lake chips later in the year will also be part of Microsoft’s Copilot Plus PC brand. It is hoped that, in future, the range of processors and systems compatible with Auto SR will not be solely confined to these.

Given the robust modding community that exists for Windows, it is conceivable that at some point, the feature would be unlocked for all platforms and games, should Microsoft not proactively extend its support. In the meantime, users have the option to use in-game driver-level scaling technologies, like Radeon Super Resolution, or to turn to third-party tools such as Lossless Scaling.

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