Intel Lunar Lake will get sharpness enhancement technology for its integrated Xe2 graphics

Intel is developing an adaptive sharpening filter technology for future Lunar Lake processor’s built-in graphic cores and future Xe-based graphic cards. This new technology enhances the visual experience in gaming by improving the sharpness of the image.

Contrary to the traditional sharpening filters used in today’s games, the adaptive image sharpening filter is more intelligent. It sharpens specific areas of the game frame (like characters), and avoids increasing sharpness in areas where it is not needed (such as the background). According to Intel engineer, Nemesa Garg, the new adaptive sharpening filter can be utilized not only in games but also in applications and video within the operating system.

Image Source: Intel

The hardware component, Display Engine, will be responsible for the operation of the adaptive sharpening filter. The technology is designed for Lunar Lake processors’ core graphic architecture and any future versions of Xe graphic architecture. The filter has negligible power consumption and impact on performance, which is paramount for Lunar Lake, as these are energy-efficient mobile chips.

Intel has yet to announce a precise launch date for the Lunar Lake processors, although it’s almost certain to occur in the latter half of this year. These chips will be introduced alongside the desktop and mobile Arrow Lake processors. While the latter will utilize the Xe-LPG graphic architecture, Lunar Lake will feature the more advanced Xe2-LPG graphics.

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