Intel Releases Video Driver Supporting Ghost of Tsushima, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Wuthering Waves and XDefiant

Intel has launched its latest Arc Graphics driver package, version WHQL, which now supports several new games. These include the PC version of the samurai action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, action game Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, post-apocalyptic open-world aRPG Wuthering Waves, and the first-person shooter XDefiant.

The fresh Arc Graphics driver WHQL enhances the gaming performance of Arc series video cards by 8% at a 1080p resolution and maximum quality settings in the May update of Starfield (DX12). It also increases performance by up to 7% at a 1440p resolution and high-quality settings compared to driver version

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • A bug that intermittently occurred when using the virtual camera and camera preview window of the Arc Control app on the integrated graphics of Core Ultra processors has been rectified.

Some known issues persist:

  • Intermittent crashes may occur in No Rest for the Wicked (DX11) during gameplay;
  • There may be occasional crashes in Enshrouded (VK);
  • Occasional flickering and distortions might occur in the menu and during gameplay in Doom Eternal (VK);
  • PugetBench (Extended Preset) may not finish on certain Adobe Premiere Pro processing tests;
  • Errors may occur when using some models for video enhancement in Topaz Video AI;
  • Crashes may occur in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (DX12);
  • Crashes may occur in Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (DX12) when the gameplay begins to load before shaders are fully compiled in the main menu;
  • Shadow distortions may occur during gameplay in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (DX12);
  • Crashes may occur in Autodesk Maya while working with the SPECapc test package;
  • Blender may crash while rendering some scenes on systems with specific memory configurations;
  • Procyon AI may crash during Float32 performance checks;
  • Intermittent crashes may occur in Dragon Quest X Online (DX9) when using the integrated graphics of 12–14th generation Core processors.
  • If the game is started with the Endurance Gaming feature enabled, VSync may remain activated even after Endurance Gaming is turned off during gameplay. Restarting the application (game) is recommended to solve this issue;
  • If the mouse cursor is enabled during HDR video capture, the recording file via Arc Control Studio may be corrupted.

The Arc Graphics driver WHQL can be downloaded from the official Intel website.

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