Intel will allow selected partners to sell PCs with scalped processors under warranty.

Intel Corporation will officially offer its delidded Core i9-14900KS processors with a warranty for purchase. These will be sold by Intel’s partner PC manufacturers as part of their computer systems. This was announced by YouTube blogger Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung.

The Process of Delidding

Processors have long been shipped with a metal cap or ‘lid’ installed on the chip, sometimes along with a cooling component. Delidding is a radical move involving the removal of this lid for direct access to the chip. This is an infrequent process undertaken even by enthusiasts due to the risk of damaging the fragile processor chip. However, it offers the opportunity for using more extreme cooling techniques, enabling the chip to operate at higher speeds.

In Intel’s words, as reported by PCWorld, “Intel is working with a select group of partners to support delidded i9-14900KS systems with a limited one-year warranty. No other Intel Core products, including boxed i9-14900KS, will be warranty supported [in the case of delidding].”

Guarantee Conditions and Partners

The specific conditions of the guarantee have not yet been detailed by Intel. Previously, the company offered warranty support for overclocking, but this program ceased in 2021. While the list of partners involved has not been confirmed, it is known that Maingear is included, with the option for a delidded computer chip adding an extra $200 to the cost, and a further $47 for a cooler. Corsair has also confirmed plans to release PCs with this processor, but further details have not been disclosed.

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