IntelliGolf Eagle Edition -w/GPS

Karrier Communications, leaders in “Sports Enhancing Software”, today announced the shipment of its new IntelliGolf(R) Eagle edition golf scoring, wagering, and GPS software for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and PalmOne handhelds including the Treo. The IntelliGolf Eagle edition joins the Par and Birdie edition products which began shipping in 1997. IntelliGolf is the #1 selling golf scoring software for handhelds in over 125 countries. IntelliGolf is available at SRP: $49.95.

The IntelliGolf Eagle edition is the only golf software to include all seven S’s of golf: Scoring, Shot tracking, Satellite GPS, Sharing, Sidegames (30+), Statistics (250+), and Signature course (20,000+) scorecards. The Eagle edition is compatible with over 30 industry-leading GPS receivers (see via Bluetooth, SDIO and CF connections. The Eagle edition includes the IntelliGolf 1) handheld software, 2) GPS software, 3) desktop software, and 4) synchronization software.

“The IntelliGolf Eagle brings together all seven S’s of golf into one product,” said Craig A. Schmidt, president of Karrier Communications. “Coupling that with free access to the largest collection of international scorecards in the world means our customers save time, memory, and money.”

Note: Competing companies charge $9.95 to $19.95 per course download and can be up to 400Kb in course download size. That compares to 5Kb in size for IntelliGolf courses which can be downloaded for free by IntelliGolf users (for use with IntelliGolf).

Product Overview

The IntelliGolf scoring software replaces pencil and paper golf scoring, wagering, and statistics gathering on the golf course. Users simply enter their scores, wagers, and club selection on their handheld. IntelliGolf totals all scores, tabulates all wagers, and synchronizes with the included Windows desktop software for viewing performance graphs, approximating the golfer’s handicap, and calculating their Dream Round. Add a compatible GPS receiver and IntelliGolf will provide distances and track shots with GPS accuracy on the course. IntelliGolf is available in three versions including the Par edition ($29.95), Birdie edition ($39.95), and the Eagle edition ($49.95).

Company Information

More press information, screen shots, and the IntelliGolf Reviewers Guide can be found at More product information can be found at Karrier Communications Julie Snyder, 530-676-9279

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