Japanese company to release pink, strawberry-scented thermal paste.

Japanese thermal paste manufacturer, CWTP, has decided to expand its range of unique fruit-themed products. The firm previously launched an apple-scented, green thermal paste, the Extreme 4G Apple Edition (CWTP-EG4GAP). The company just announced an anticipated new product, the Extreme 4G Strawberry Edition (CWTP-EG4GST), offering a pink thermal paste with a strawberry scent.

Outstanding Thermal Conductivity

The Extreme 4G Strawberry Edition boasts a thermal conductivity level of 12.8 W/m‧K. CWTP guarantees that after five years of use, the product will still maintain a high thermal conductivity level of approximately 8.8 W/m‧K.

Pink thermal paste

Durable and Reliable Composition

The Extreme 4G Strawberry thermal paste utilizes aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, added carbon particles, and natural flavorings. It is designed for durability, with a thermal resistance range from -50 to 220℃.

Thermal paste close-up

Pricing and Availability

The new thermal paste will be available for purchase in 4g syringes by the end of next week. Each syringe will retail for 980 yen or approximately $7.38.

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