JAVOClearCase – A Clear Solution for iPAQ Protection

Many of you know from past reviews how I love a leather case over almost every other type of case. The look, the feel, the professional aspect of a leather case has always been part of my belief in how I should protect my investment. The problem however is when you encase your device in leather (or any other material), you lose the ability to SEE your device.

I suppose for a variety of situations that is OK but more often than not, I have found myself in a situation were the covering of the front has been a CLEAR obstacle in the ability to use my device. One example is using my GPS while driving. I found that I would remove my iPAQ from the case it was in just to be able to see the screen…so now where was my protection? CLEARLY, I had none and CLEAR is the operative word here because JAVOedge saw a similar problem.

They recognized that users want the ability to protect their devices and still want to be able to view their screens and continue to admire the inherent beauty of their device. And so they brought forward a unique means for you to have it all — CLEAR Protection for your device.

The JAVOClearCase, made from a polycarbonate plastic that is extremely durable, will protect your device from damage caused from minor drops, bumps, and scraping. This is the same material that is used on bulletproof plastic so you know that there is a high degree of protection. Designed to fit your iPAQ perfectly, it envelops your device allowing you to view and access your iPAQ without having to remove it from the case.

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